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1. Wastewater Management and Treatment

Wastewater management is the field of handling wastewater, to make it suitable to either be recycled into a water system or to be disposed of in an environmentally-conscious manner.

Sewage Treatment Plants (STP)

Along with several other supreme quality industrial and water treatment systems, we are also availing our client’s one of the finest quality sewage treatment plants to our clients in various different regions of the country. These sewage treatment plants are used for the purpose of proper refining of the waste and unwanted materials from the main water source which makes the water safe and beneficial for a wide range of utilities. These sewage treatment plants are used and appreciated in almost all the regions of the country and are also in very much demand among our clients in the market.

Effluent Treatment Plants (ETP)

Effluent treatment plants also are one of the most exclusive quality products of our company which we are not only supplying in different regions of the country but also are efficiently providing the services for their installation in different regions of the country. These effluent treatment plants are used for the purpose of installation in the water treatment assemblies to control the outflow of the water from the main streamline and to make it pure and safe for multiple domestic and industrial utilities.


2. Water Engineering and Treatment

Service provider of Water Engineering & Treatment. Our range also comprises of Water Treatment Plants, Wastewater Engineering and Wastewater Management & Treatment.

Reverse Osmosis (RO) Plants

Reverse osmosis is the best technique to remove the unwanted and harmful chemicals and substances from water to make it safe and pure for drinking purposes. Our company is one of the leading companies which is efficiently engaged in the line of supplying and providing exclusive quality services for the installation of various kinds of water treatment plants. These reverse osmosis plants which we are availing to our clients have especially been designed in most latest manner and have been constructed using very excellent quality raw materials which make them reliable and efficient for long term use.

Water Softener Plants

Our company is one of the leading companies which are efficiently engaged in the line of providing most exclusive quality services for various kinds of industrial applications and water treatments. We are also supplying one of the finest quality water softener plants to our clients which have exclusively been designed and manufactured in an excellent manner at our company. These water softener plants are used to remove the ionic and metallic salts from the water to make it better for various domestic and industrial utilities.

Demineralization (DM) Plants

D.M. plants are also called demineralization plant s. These DM plants are generally used for the purpose of removing the heavy metallic ions and other unwanted mineral components from the water. These DM plants are generally used for the purpose of cleaning and treatment of water in a very reliable and efficient manner. Our company has all the infrastructural and manpower facilities available which are required to provide these services in most convenient and conventional manner to its clients in almost all the regions of the country.


3. Environment Impact assessment

Environmental impact assessment is the mandatory assessment of the compliance of planned activities. Environmental audits are being used as a tool and aid to test the effectiveness of environmental efforts at local level.

Environmental impact assessment (EIA) & Environmental clearance

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) is a process that examines the potential environmental effects of a proposed project or development, taking into account inter-related socio-economic, cultural, and human-health impacts, both beneficial and adverse.

The aim of the EIA process is to promote sustainable development by ensuring that the potential environmental implications of decisions are fully accounted for and transparently communicated to the stakeholders.

Environmental clearance, on the other hand, refers to the formal permission that must be obtained from the government or a regulatory body before starting certain activities or projects that may have a significant impact on the environment.


4. Air Pollution Control & Monitoring

Air pollution control and monitoring are crucial practices aimed at mitigating the harmful effects of air pollution and ensuring that air quality meets regulatory standards for human health and environmental protection.

Air Pollution Control and Monitoring

A Service provider of air pollution control and monitoring typically offers a range of services aimed at mitigating and monitoring air pollution. These services are crucial for various industries and municipalities to ensure compliance with environmental regulations and to contribute to a cleaner and healthier environment. 


5. Green Energy & Water Conservation

Both green energy and water conservation are integral aspects of sustainable development, emphasizing the importance of responsible resource management and the adoption of eco-friendly practices to protect the environment and promote long-term environmental stability.

Green Energy and Water Conservation

Green energy refers to energy produced from renewable and environmentally friendly sources such as solar, wind, hydroelectric, geothermal, and biomass. These sources are considered “green” because they have a significantly lower environmental impact compared to traditional fossil fuels like coal, oil, and natural gas.

Water conservation involves the careful and efficient use of water resources to minimize wastage and preserve this vital natural resource. It includes practices such as reducing water usage, fixing leaks, harvesting rainwater, using water-saving technologies and appliances, and promoting responsible irrigation techniques in agriculture.


6. Solar Energy EPC Solutions

We Provides the tailor-made EPC solutions that are customized to the requirements of individuals, businesses, and communities to harness the power of the sun to generate clean and renewable electricity.

Solar Energy EPC Solutions

Solar energy services is a broad term that encompasses a wide range of services related to the installation, operation, and maintenance of solar energy systems. These services can be provided to homeowners, businesses, and other organizations.


7. Laboratory & Analytical Services

Environmental monitoring and Lab Testing is required for any industry for the investigation and resolution of environmental issues and regulatory testing.

Laboratory and Analytical Services

These are indispensable tools for industries to understand, manage, and minimize their environmental impact. 


8. Legal Compliances & Environmental Audits

An environmental audit is a thorough, methodical examination of an operation’s compliance status against a set environmental standard.

Legal Compliances and Environmental Audits

Legal compliance refers to the adherence to laws, regulations, and guidelines set forth by governmental authorities that are relevant to a particular business or industry.

An environmental audit is a comprehensive evaluation of an organization, facility, or operation to assess its compliance with environmental regulations, identify environmental risks, and measure the impact of its activities on the environment.


9. Management systems training & Consultancy

Management system training is the process of teaching individuals and organizations how to implement and maintain effective management systems.

Management System Training and Consultancy

Management system training refers to educational programs designed to provide individuals, employees, or teams with the necessary knowledge and skills to effectively manage specific systems within an organization. 

The primary goal of management system training is to ensure that individuals within an organization understand the principles, processes, and requirements of the specific management system being implemented.


10. Industrial Safety, Risk Analysis & Waste Reduction

Service provider of Industrial Safety, Risk Analysis & Waste Reduction. Our range also comprises of Water Treatment Plants, Wastewater Engineering and Wastewater Management & Treatment.

Industrial Safety, Risk Analysis and Waste Reduction

By integrating industrial safety protocols and comprehensive risk analysis practices, organizations can create a secure working environment, mitigate potential hazards, and ensure the well-being of their employees. These efforts not only protect human lives but also contribute to the overall efficiency and productivity of industrial operations.


11. Green Environment Audit

A Green Environment aims to identify areas where an organization can improve its environmental performance, reduce its carbon footprint, and operate in a more sustainable and eco-friendly manner.

Green Environment Audit

Green Audit is assigned to the criterion 7 of NAAC, National Assessment and Accreditation Council which is a self-governing organization of India which declares the institutions as Grade A, B or C according to the scores assigned during the accreditation.

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